Running multiple servers from a single IP broken


When you run 2 servers from the same IP the game will just show a black screen when you load into the second server that was started up.

Here is my setup:

Linux - CentOS7 machine hosted on google cloud

I have 2 users on this machine, each with their own individual installation of steamcmd.

Here is my for each user

user 1:
~/Steam/ins/Insurgency/Binaries/Linux/InsurgencyServer-Linux-Shipping Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Firefight_East?port=27103?queryport=27131?MaxPlayers=10?password=password -log -hostname="KroniK's Private Haven"

User 2:
~/Steam/ins/Insurgency/Binaries/Linux/InsurgencyServer-Linux-Shipping Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Firefight_East?port=27102?queryport=27132?MaxPlayers=10 -log -hostname="KroniK's Comp Haven"

When run individually, both of these servers start and operate fine.

When both are run simultaneously, I cant get into whatever server I started second.

They both show up on the server browser, but whatever sever I started second will load to a black screen and never load the server.

Thanks for the help.

@kronik907 said in Running multiple servers from a single IP broken:

ou run 2 servers from the same IP the game will just show a bl

@KroniK907 Try adding -multihomeip=SERVERINTERNALIP into the launch command line

also make sure both servers are running different ports (Steam, Query, Rcon)

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@facknrite does this mean I have to have 2 internal IP's or can I just use the same IP for both?

I am running in to the same issue, some times the server just won't show in the list. To fix it I have to restart the 2nd server a few times. This wasn't happening when community servers were first released.

@kronik907 You can run both servers with the same internal IP, also you don't need to create 2 different users to run the servers, run both servers with screen command like this:

screen -A -m -d -S server1 ~/Steam/ins/Insurgency/Binaries/Linux/InsurgencyServer-Linux-Shipping Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Firefight_East?port=27103?queryport=27131?MaxPlayers=10?password=password -log -hostname="KroniK's Private Haven"

screen -A -m -d -S server2 ~/Steam/ins/Insurgency/Binaries/Linux/InsurgencyServer-Linux-Shipping Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Firefight_East?port=27102?queryport=27132?MaxPlayers=10 -log -hostname="KroniK's Comp Haven"

Where server1 and server2 are the name of the servers.

You can dettached your screen by pressing "ctrl +a +d"

You can check if your servers are running with this command: screen -ls

If you want to attach back any of the servers execute this command: screen -r sever1 for server1 or screen -r server2 for server2

To kill a screen run this command: screen -X -S [session # you want to kill] quit

For example this is how it could look:
There are screens on:
28496.server1 (11/12/2018 07:58:56 AM) (Detached)
28463.server2 (11/12/2018 07:58:46 AM) (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-administrator.

To kill a specific screen type: screen -S 28496 -X quit or whatever the screen ID is.
To kill all screens just type: pkill screen

Make sure you have your forwarded ports set properly on your router/firewall if you are running NAT check your NAT settings as well. Also veirfy that the RCON ports for each server inside Game.ini are different.

I guess that's all for now 😁

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@facknrite what's wrong with systemd or tmux?


run both servers with screen command like this

You can do that with systemd or tmux too. No need for screen here.

@zille I'm suggesting what i'm actually running and it's working fine for me as always.
If you have any other suggestion for this guys to get their problem solved feel free to post it.

@facknrite Can I do this and run each server with a separate Game.ini file? I want different setups for each server. I use screen anyway, but I used 2 users, one to try separating them for the ip address glitch, and two because I want different Game.ini settings for each. Can you specify a separate Game.ini file for each server?

@kronik907 in your situation i may install the game server files again in a different folder so each one of them is going to run it's own Game.ini