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@wrangmog you sure? give this a look.
in your game folder, mudrunner/media.zip/classes/env/drivers_skeleton.xml

@8up-local yes, because you have to change it in the truck .XML.
When you change it in the game file it won't work for everyone.

@wrangmog ok, i was not sure. i try, but coding stuff like that is my weak point to put it nicely. lol

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Just to let everyone know, I'm working on a new mod build on a jeep chassis. It has a tube frame, portal axles, diesel engine, 40 inch genius tires and much more.

Screenshots will be added later today.

Here are the promised screenshots:




The build isn't close to being finished.

Still looks badass even for a WIP dude!
And I knew that 2nd winch line looped under the chassis to the front! Slick setup man. 🙂

Looks beefy man, I like those U1300 axles.

@mexican_420 actually it runs underneath the co-pilot his seat, because their is close to no space under the frame and when it runs underneath the chassis you have a change of damaging the rope. But still, nice that you noticed that

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Slowly making progress on the build, created the snorkel and the radiator today:



Hi guys, giving an update on the mod now. It's almost done, just a couple of things left to do, like the radiator fan and steeringwheel.

Also, if someone knows how to export a glass out of substance painter for spintires let me know, because I couldn't find how to do it as you can probably see on the screenshots.
1_1519149746291_20180220190023_1.jpg 0_1519149746290_20180220190005_1.jpg Hi

Kinda liked the yellow-on-black from the Max screencap 🙂

@Mexican_420 I still don't know what paintjob it will get when it is released, because I'm still trying things out and this one isn't what I thought it would be and the black/orange wasn't nice either.

AFAIK Mudrunner glass is all alpha blending...

@mexican_420 I think that I know how to fix it, gonna try it later today.

The new challenge/trophy build is getting closer to being released for public.

5_1519340356896_20180222235447_1.jpg 4_1519340356896_20180222235442_1.jpg 3_1519340356896_20180222235436_1.jpg 2_1519340356896_20180222235433_1.jpg 1_1519340356896_20180222235425_1.jpg 0_1519340356895_20180222235418_1.jpg

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Looking good man! I see you got your glass figured out too. 🙂

@Mexican_420 yes, with little help from Forces, he told me how to let the glass work real easy.
Also changed the colors a bit, this looks way better than the first option.

The Challenge Build is now officially released for public and can be downloaded in the workshop.
1_1520696012736_675010_screenshots_20180222235418_1.jpg 0_1520696012668_675010_screenshots_20180222235433_1.jpg

Killer little rig man. Scrappy as all get out. I'm renaming it the "Mighty Mouse". 💪

Only one problem with it. It's kinda hard to get back on its wheels when you roll it. The top winch socket doesn't always work that great for the task. So I took the liberty of adding a couple more.

<WinchSocket Pos="(0; 1.924; -0.5)" />
<WinchSocket Pos="(0; 1.924; 0.5)" />

0_1520906432098_Mighty Mouse Added Winch Points.jpg


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