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@mudhappy if you keep what you did for your self I have no problems with it, but dont repost the mod, even if you give credits...

@wrangmog just wondering if I could edit the challenge build? I want to change the colour to green and change the # on the doors and add a Canadian flag. unless you would be willing to do this? i'd be willing to pay for it.

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@ganjamajic420-0 no I'm not doing it and if you do it, keep it for your self.

If I see any repost of my mods on whatever site or workshop, I'm gonna take all my mods of the workshop and never gonna build something for public ever again. Hope this is clear for everyone.

@wrangmog It would be my private edit I don't steal mods.

Virtually everything on the public workshop gets ripped to mudrunnermods.com sooner or later, but I'm absolutely on board with your approach.

@wrangmog It might sound surprising. But I wouldn't do that. Which is also the reason why I described how the mod was done. So if people want it like that they can do it themselves. I'm just trying to be helpful.

And I know you're saying you have no problem with it. But if it makes you uncomfortable in the least just tell me so. I'll delete my post and never speak of it again. Just say the word and it's done. It's not my intention to do anything disrespectful or upsetting to you. Or give you any cause for concern.

@wrangmog I've decided to just leave it as is. I don't want u thinking ppl don't like ur mods cuz I do really like it how it is its very well made and I enjoy it a lot 🙂

@mexican_420 yes I know that, my jeep yj is on it as well, but I meant like a changed version of my mods, because I spended like 4 months of my time creating that jeep yj because I created everything myself and creating a body for the first time is more work than creating a tubeframe which I already had done before. But still, I spended like 2 months of time into that competition build and dont really care if people change things and keep them for their own (i did that as well before I created my own mods with the uaz469 just to learn the .xml writing), but I wont accept it when people take my mods, change things and repost them. You just dont do that.

@ganjamajic420-0 I'm not thinking like that, just want to make clear for everyone how I think about some things.

Hi everyone, it has been a while since my last update and that was because I was testing my latest vehicle mod by pushing it to its limits, also I didn't have inspiration to find something new that wasn't done already. But after a lot of testing with my competition truck, I found all the mistakes I made and which has to be solved, so I decided to completely rebuild my competition truck from the chassis and the tube frame, all the way to an engine model and a complete new interior and the truck will be called: Wrangmog Ultra4, if someone has a better "nickname" for it, feel free to post it in this thread.
Here are some pictures of what I have right now:






I will be posting more pictures in the future.

Going on the assumption that "Wrangmog" is a mashup of Wrangler (Jeep) and Unimog (Mercedes) something along similar lines would be neat... "The Moggler" maybe? 🙂
Still lovin those portal axles, btw... 👍

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Spended the last couple of days on making an engine model, it isn't my best model but it is barely visible in-game so I think its good enough.

now I'm going to make a new winch, something with a little bit more power and speed then the Warn 8274.....:

0_1526153558477_red winch 4 motoren.jpg

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Hi everyone, sorry for not posting something. I haven't made great progress because I'm in the middle of my finals but this is what I got so far:

I got the winch ready for the truck

and I did change the setup of the axles because my transfer case has come up so it is in between the chassis for maximum clearence, here is a picture of it:


So this is how the total looks like now:




Have a nice day everybody.

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Today I started modelling the interior of the truck, this is what I got so far:
(Those two boxes on the right are 2 terratrips, both of them will become an addon.)


man you're getting some nice modeling of the axles and detailed too, and that rad looks nice, so as the engine and winch , keep the awesome work WranMog

@wrangmog yes very nice work man, looking forward to seeing how this comes together.

@smaronenine Thanks man! There is still a long way to go before its completely finished, but I hope this mod will be my best looking mod so far.

Hi guys, slowly making some progress on it, I think I finished the dash today but I probably have forgotten something and I made my 4 tires to test fit on the axles to see how it looks like and take some measurements, here are some screenshots:


0_1527113674105_Naamloos1.png correction, it is width**



For the people who are wondering why it has an automatic gearbox, but 2 other sticks, those two other sticks are the transfer case, its a twin stick transfercase, this means that you can select high and low gear seperated from the RWD, FWD and 4x4 options so you have way more options on the trail than just 4x4 high, 4x4 low and RWD high.
Have a nice day everybody.

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Pretty Dope Dude! When you gett this ready on steam you gotta let me take her for a test run looks like its gonna be a fun mod.