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Little update on the Willy's, working on the body as you can see. I'm not great at it, but I'm getting the job done. Let me know what you guys think of it.


Practice makes better! Keep at 'er bud!

i hate you wrangmog, im a hardcore Commando Fan, lol
looking forward to play with it once is done, and nice progress man

@forces lol, didn't know you like these jeeps so much. I gave this one my own twist with a Jeep tailgate, portal axles and trimmed fenders, but keeping it as stock as possible as you can see. Oh and BTW, its on ride height and the fenders are done on the picture.

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Happy new year everybody💪🏽💪🏽

Nioce jeep. All i would have to say is go to the modifier panel in 3dsmax and scroll down until you see 'Smooth' that way it will smothen any polys out on the body. You do have to hit auto smooth though to get it to work. Other than that your trucks are solid.

@riskywisky if he is modeling the body is better to do it on solid mode then move to smoothed shaders to avoid having weird shapes just because it looked right, once finished the solid body he will get a better looking smothed version with no crazy shapes or bad shading, i learn that the bad way with my first attemps on a Jimny and a C10

Hey guys, I didn't have much time the last couple of days but this is what I've got for now: 1_1547062343086_Naamloos1.png 0_1547062343054_Naamloos.png

I know that there are people gonna hate me because I placed the rear axle way too far back compared to the original, but the overhang on the original is just bad. So after a little redesigning of what Willy's has done, this is what I got for now.

It's custom! You've improved the departure angle as well as the looks. 🙂

@mexican_420 lol, that's what I thought as well, but I dont want to get too far of track from the original plan to keep it as stock as possible. (Says the one who puts portals under it😁)

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@wrangmog said in Wrangmogs Workshop:

@mexican_420 lol, that's what I thought as well, but I dont want to get too far of track from the original plan to keep it as stock as possible. (Says the one who puts portals under it😁)

Having seen the portal axles you did for your previous rig, they're awesome.

Little sneak peak of the 454....

Dang man! That is one detailed engine you got.

EDIT: Did you model that yourself or get it off sketchup

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@riskywisky not yet in my opion, lol. Only the covers are detailed at the moment. need to make some wires, filters and stuff.

yeah did it myself today

@wrangmog, When making the sparkplug wires, do you know about using lines to make them? It's real easy and you can make the bends so much easier than trying to use cylinders.

@tattoo thanks, no didn't know that, this is the second engine model I've ever created and I want it to be tripple as good as the previous one.

Yea the line trick is super helpful. @Tattoo

@wrangmog, This is a motor I started but haven't finished yet. The wires are lines. After you get the lines how you want them, go to the modifier panel and under the 'Rendering' tab, select Enable In Viewport and the others you see that I have selected. You can also select Rectangular if you wanted square wires, for whatever reason. For this I use Radial.

EDIT: I forgot that you have to change the 'Thickness' and 'Sides' of the line to the size you want it to be.

You also wanna check the Generate Mapping Coordinates and Real-World Map Size. Real-World Map Size keeps the mapping from being distorted and keeps it to the correct size and not smashed or stretched. Try it with and without and you'll see yourself.

Then under the 'Interpolation' tab, use the 'Steps' to higher and/or lower the polys. This helps to lower the poly count on the wires so they're not poly-whores and better optimized. You'll see what it does when you try it.

It takes a minute to work with the lines to get used to them but once you get it, you'll never use anything else.

alt text

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