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@wrangmog, When making the sparkplug wires, do you know about using lines to make them? It's real easy and you can make the bends so much easier than trying to use cylinders.

I use the "sweep" modifier on splines, but I'll have to give this a go. Thanks @Tattoo

@mexican_420, Thanks. Yes that works too for different shapes but when just round or square, this works best, I found. It's easiest I found.

@wrangmog Jaw Drops hit the floor and reaches china damn man, cant wait to see that commando, FYI im a huge fan of them but never got to make one lol
keep up the awesome work man

@forces thanks man, really appreciate it!!

Alright, the engine is done, only thing left to do is making motor mounts and finishing the rest of the car. 0_1547419828921_Naamloos.png

(NOTE: I will be lowering the poly counts, but I'm waiting with it till everything is done)

I think the poly count should be fine with that just as long as you dont have a billion meshes collapsed with those tubes

@riskywisky the engine is almost 10K, could be less if I didn't make a mistake at the beginning and it could be more if I completely finished it with all the wires and stuff. But still, and the exhaust system is 1600, I can get rid of a lot of poly's so the mod would be more playable for low end PC's

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True true. Are the tubes going to be a different color than the engine? @wrangmog

@riskywisky yeah, but I could make them one object so I have less work later on, but I dont because of the "high" poly count

after allot of testing man, 90k - 130k youll be fine with a nice boxy af cdt to run on your pc (i a remember right from the pc spec thread), but you know me and I'm those that like to lower stuff even more lol (my older mods are all under 70k and it ran good with a intel chipset on a thermal throtling pc), but yeah youll be fine man, up to you to get things to your liking, so far im loving all the work you have put into making this mod

Hi guys, after some busy days I finally got some time to work on the Jeepster. I made some good progress today, the drivetrain is completed, body work is almost done, lights are almost in and started on the first addon (the roof and maybe the doors). still need to do the interior, the shocks, little rollcage and rear lights. but overall I'm making good progress.

2_1547764983375_Naamloos2.png 1_1547764983374_Naamloos1.png 0_1547764983374_Naamloos.png

Have a nice day everyone.

Hi guys, just a little update on the jeepster. I'm almost done modeling, only thing left to do is making a 4-link coilover setup, some addons and some other minor tweaks.

5_1548379095710_Naamloos5.png 4_1548379095710_Naamloos4.png 3_1548379095710_Naamloos3.png 2_1548379095709_Naamloos2.png 1_1548379095709_Naamloos1.png 0_1548379095708_Naamloos.png

Finally done modelling, except the ramps because I don't know what kind of ramps I'm gonna use.
Only thing left to do now is UV wrapping, animating and putting everything together to load it in the game.

BTW, the trailer bed is 5 meters long and 2.1 meters wide (16.4 feet long and 6.9 feet wide).

2_1548554426089_Naamloos2.png 1_1548554426089_Naamloos1.png 0_1548554426089_Naamloos.png

@spun Thanks man! The trailer is 9.1 feet wide, but the 40" fit 😃

@wrangmog sweet trailer, I like the axle setup.

@wrangmog looks well balanced as well, not one of those trailers that drops the back of your truck to the dirt when you load it up.

@brazz989 cant tell that yet, still need to animate and code, but the textures are almost done.

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@brazz989 cant tell that yet, still need to animate and code, but the textures are almost done.

Right, plus you can always change the cog in the xml to make it tow right too. Looking forward to seeing it finished.