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Hi guys, I got the jeepster in game now. Its not for public yet but you can expect it on the workshop in a couple of days. The only thing I don't like yet are some textures, but other than that its done. I tried the red and white colours but that's just impossible in mudrunner.
3_1549049787921_20190201203526_1.jpg 2_1549049787921_20190201203521_1.jpg 1_1549049787921_20190201203426_1.jpg 0_1549049787921_20190201203412_1.jpg

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Hi guys, I got the jeepster in game now. Its not for public yet but you can expect it on the workshop in a couple of days. The only thing I don't like yet are some textures, but other than that its done. I tried the red and white colours but that's just impossible in mudrunner.


@mexican_420 Its just too much black in my opinion. and what does a diffuse multiplier because I've never used it lol??

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Goes in your mesh XML for each Material you want to apply it to, and basically allows fine tuning of Red Green Blue and Alpha intensities by adjusting the RGBA values between -255 and 255.
IE DiffuseMultiplier="(-255;0;0;0) would remove as much of the red hue from the diffuse map as the code allows.
DiffuseMultiplier="(255;0;0;0)" would increase the amount of red.

Play around with it a bit, surprising what kind of hues you might be able to come up with by changing the values... 🙂

@mexican_420 interesting🤔 maybe I used it with the glass but cant remember. But still, a little less black on the body and it would look a lot better I think.

Hi guys, today I officially release my Jeepster Commando for public. I hope everyone enjoys it.

12_1549207453224_20190203160350_1.jpg 11_1549207453224_20190203160334_1.jpg 10_1549207453224_20190203160329_1.jpg 9_1549207453224_20190203160253_1.jpg 8_1549207453223_20190203160249_1.jpg 7_1549207453223_20190203160245_1.jpg 6_1549207453223_20190203160240_1.jpg 5_1549207453222_20190203160236_1.jpg 4_1549207453222_20190203155855_1.jpg 3_1549207453222_20190203155825_1.jpg 2_1549207453222_20190203155820_1.jpg 1_1549207453222_20190203155739_1.jpg 0_1549207453189_20190203155734_1.jpg

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-finally got my spintires plugin position to work, so ive positioned the driveshafts. Thank you @wrangmog and henriquetironi for the help.

Did you help Risky with the driveshafts, or just with the Norepad++ plugin issue? If you know how to make rotating driveshafts and have the time (or desire lol) could you post a rundown on it?
Jeepster turned out nice even with all the black, btw 😃

@mexican_420 lol, I didn't really help him with it, I just told him what I know about it (and I'm not even sure if it was correct lol). But as far as I know are those shafts in the game (hardcoded or something) and can you add them with notepad in the .xml, don't know if you have to do something in max or blender.
Please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere because now I'm interested on how they actually work.

And glad you like the Jeepster, yesterday I found a lot of errors with the textures (wrong names in the .xml) hope everything works normal now.

This is what I know about them. There's code in 2 files of a mod for the driveshafts.


			<Shaft SocketPointA="Shaft1a" SocketPointB="Shaft1b" />
			<Shaft SocketPointA="Shaft2a" SocketPointB="Shaft2b" />


		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft1a" Pos="(1.306; 0.303; -0.182)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft1b" Pos="(0.342; 0.468; -0.194)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft2a" Pos="(0.234; 0.519; 0.014)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft2b" Pos="(-1.15; 0.303; 0)" />
		MeshParts="chassis 0"
		MeshParts="glass 0"

Here's a max file with the default driveshaft to help align it to your mod.
Use the bones BoneStart and BoneEnd to move the ends to where you need it.

I remember there was a problem getting them to work when a mod has more than one mesh. Someone got it working but I'm not sure what the fix is or if it's been changed since ST days.

Oh yeah, after you get it aligned to the mod you'll need to copy the coordinates to the .xml's. You'll need to have your display units set to Metric. Goto, Customize, then Unit Setup. In the new window, select Metric, then hit ok. Now you just copy the coordinates over to the .xmls.

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Its been a while since my last work, but I decided that its time for a new build. So I took my time to do some research on the chassis, get my hands on Blender instead of 3ds max (ofcourse it hurts to learn a new program but so be it) and started modeling this evening. This is what I got so far:
As some of you may notice its a chassis of an Unimog. The goal is to have a Breslau Unimog (Breslau is an offroad rally in Poland) ready at the end of this summer.
Only downside of changing software is that I have to remake my unimog axles and everything else but it will be done even better then previously

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@wrangmog Looking good! Amazing the amount of detail you put into your models. Hope you like Blender! I actually ended up liking it. 2.80 beta is amazing. It's a shame the STX exporter has not been tested on it yet

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@deathcoreboy1 yeah I just got 2.78 but first I need to accept that everything works with the right mouse button lol.

@wrangmog 2.80 works completely different. Pretty much like a mix between Maya and Max. You can use left click to select and right click for a contextual menu. You got also floating menus like Maya using Shift+Space or Shift+Z etc. Also, the interface is amazing. They say its meant to be easier to transition from other 3D softwares. I'd recommend you get familiarized with the new version, otherwise, you'll have to re-wire your brain after. And since you're learning anyway, It's better to do it now.

Check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyCepAM7Ftc

@deathcoreboy1 Hmm, didn't know that, but the only thing is that I know that 2.78 will work for spintires, and with 2.8 I'm not sure

Awesome New man! Blender Power!
looking really nice

good desicion with 2.78 that way you dont need to relean everything again when stepping down from 2.80, i find 2.8 quite hard actually

@Forces thanks man! But you can expect some questions when I get to the animating part lol. I saw your tutorial on animating but still.

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@Forces I started on Blender 2.79 and completed the tutorials in about two weeks. After that I started with my first project like a week ago in 2.8 and I really really don't wanna come back to 2.7X 😃 so I'll have to try it out for myself when I get to the exporting part. If nothing works, then I'll have to figure out a way to transport my model to 2.7X, fix any porting errors and then export.

Good to see you back in the mix @wrangmog

@SmarOneNine Yup, sometimes I just get an idea that I have to make