Looking for players. PS4

Hi guys.

Regular player from Australia. Have played Space Hulk in almost all forms since the original board game by GW back in 91 (showing my age haha)
Looking for fellow players to play against. I only ever seem come across the same player (from Germany) in ranked and he kicks my arse every game, he also refuses to play terminators....

I know time zones may be different, but send me a FR and hopefully we can tee a game up.



Someone made a group-chat, to help us find games. I will add you.
If anyone else is looking for PS4 players, post your tag here and I will add you as well, or send me a message on PS4. My name is ExBeeOne.

Also, consider joining our Discord channel. All you need is an email.


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@b3nje909 said in Looking for players. PS4:


oh hey b3nje909,
lol, I think you think of me. well, I heard it's easier to find matches playing Genestealers, so I didn't bother searching as Marine player. So we can switch sides, sorry, didn't know this was a thing. Greetings from Germany.
Also, Cloud Runner, please add me into the group chat.

@dryaktylus-ps4 Lol hey man. Yeah it's you haha!!
I've tried sending you messages through ps4 but your account is on private.

oh, I'll change it. Didn't notice.