Great game, but low online

Guys ! 🐺 It's just a great game, unique, with good sound, graphics, atmosphere, and gives a lot of fun playing it!
I know this is a beta version, but we REALLY need more players, don't make the same mistake as Vostok in Survarium (it became impossible to play for many reasons)...
I know you know it, but I have to say. Please make some kind of advertisement or free weekend or something. We would love to advertise wherever possible, but we still need optimization. For example, when a helicopter appears, the FPS immediately falls. Despite this, my friend and I play every time there is such an opportunity ! We have played more than 200 hours each of us. If there were 100-200 people at least, then it would be great for a beta, but you need a little PR or something ... Please ! 🙂🙏

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Hey there,

Thank you for the feedback, we're really glad you're enjoying the game. We understand the concerns about player count, and will have news about new updates in the future.