I bought and played the Alpha/Beta for about 2 months. There were big issues, so I had to cancel and ask for a refund. My biggest problems were:

  • Aiming (mainly ADS) felt very floaty/dragged. It wasn't precise like it is in Insurgency Source (and almost every other game). Is this fixed? Is aiming/tracking targets precise or is it still floaty/dragged?
  • Do ppl play 5v5 Firefight (Competitive mode)? This is my favorite mode in Insurgency Source, and I still play it a lot. I was disappointed that I couldn't play it in Sandstorm because no one was queuing. It would take 15min to get enough ppl to start a server, then 1 or 2 wouldn't/couldn't connect and we were thrown back to queuing... I really don't like the other game modes (too chaotic, random), but if I can play this one (more tactical, slow paced), its worth my money.

There was a lot of other stuff that needed fixing, but these two were my main issues. I don't think I can buy and ask for a refund again, so if you guys could help me decide, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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