Eye relief bad on magnified optics

When using magnified optics and having scope detail set to high, especially the Aimpoint, EOTech and Kobra with 2X magnifiers, the eye relief appears off. Only a portion of the optic's window is visible, as if your eye is too far off the optic as if you're aiming it in real life. I've tried messing with the other graphics settings to no avail. 0_1542133822803_Insurgency   11_12_2018 11_01_33 AM.png 0_1542133839701_Insurgency   11_12_2018 11_02_15 AM.png 0_1542133866347_Insurgency   11_12_2018 11_03_08 AM.png

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I think you got your images wrong, dude.

@grumf thanks for spotting that, got it fixed.