As you can see from the picture I've defeated the Carbon Cat (I have the trophy) which requires you to kill the first boss (Squad Cheif Helvig) in the first place who gives you the black box which, also, spawns an audio log at the medbay. For whatever reason my game crashed after defeating the Cheif as I just initiated the finishing move, however, after loading the game back I've had the black box and the boss was dead BUT I never got the trophy for defeating him 😢 even though I handed the Operator the black box and finished the DLC, still that audio log never showed up as well so now I'm gonna have to finish the game and redo the DLC and hope the game doesn't crash to get the two trophies I'm missing only. It sucks because I lost my old save and had to start a new game and play the base game one more time to play the DLC and now I have to redo it again. If there's any fixes to this that would be great!