I hope the problem with the doors are fixed in the next hotfix or update. Almost everyone I play with is having the same problem , when you open or kick open a door it still shows as being closed. This is a major problem as you cannot see into or out of a room. I get killed a few times a game because of this.

I am getting this same issue ever since my friends and I started playing on our own server. They will work fine for the first game, but after a map change there seems to be a 90% chance that doors will simply stop working on my end. I can still interact with them but nothing happens. It appears to be client side as leaving and rejoining usually fixes it for me.

same. Didn't have this problem before. Seems to be more prevalent when I join a server that's already in progress, but sometimes it's still a problem from map-start.

It pretty bad and getting worse. In matchmaking the error is rare but on a community server it pops up on a map change

Proof provided



lmao... my favorite is the ever-so-subtle sound of a guy's head being crushed by the doors when you close them on a corpse now.