Line of sight bug

When you first spot an enemy, they may appear to be doing something that they are not currently doing.

Spotting a prone enemy, you will see them standing and then entering the prone animation
Spotting an enemy who has recently breached a door, you will see them do the breach animation in the middle of a room.

@piggymonster I have definitely seen the breach animation well passed the door that you are referring to although kind of funny at first! I have also seen people do the animation right through the door with the door never having a change in position no animation what so ever and door still appears intact and closed. Then there is the case of a broken door that has been breached or blown off its hinges but the door is slanted forward on an angle still in the door frame seemingly floating but you can run right through it. Then there was people just teleporting through doors although that one was before this current big update haven’t seen that yet since. That being said after the big update I am still seeing people vault through objects from time to time as opposed to over said object.