Great Plow For Snow

Does anyone here plow snow during the winter months? I just watched a video on YT about a rear pull plow and it seems to work well. Someone may be interested in it if they plow for a living. The one in the videos is 16 feet wide and I can see how it would make the job easier. I hope this helps someone.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

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@riskywisky Swamps.

@riskywisky said in Great Plow For Snow:

@roughrider muddin is what we do here instead of plowin fuckin snow

Dude, what's with the attitude towards RoughRider? You do realize that everyone here doesn't live in Florida, right? I'm sure many here live where it snows during the winter. This was also posted in the off-topic section so what's your problem? Please relax and chill.

@riskywisky It's cool. I was just being a joker haha.

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Ive never seen snow in my life. Whats it like?

No kiddin'. It's cold, slippery and wet and a lot people don't know how to drive in it. But you can ball it up and have snowball fights with it and it looks cool when you decorate your house with colored lights after a heavy snow fall.

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The only type of snow ive seen is ice cause once down here a couple years ago before hurricane micheal everything iced over but thats the closet ive gotten to something like snow.

@sodoma why not!)

So enjoy Maz 538, Zil 130 and Zil 4x (or 5x) series on common russian street:

Youtube Video

Second vid about maz 538 is boring but may attract your attention. Keep in mind that maz 538 is pure military vehicle...

Youtube Video

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Snow removing with whatever is nearby to use is pretty common practice - everything is better that shovel. But considering fuel consumption of MAZ-538, that department is probably quite wealthy...

@sodoma but shoveling snow is common practice to display ur masculinity ""to ur fellow neighbors

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@zamal Days when man had to be muscular already passed. Today you have to be rich...
And in that moment, that MAZ actually makes sense...đŸ€”

@sodoma xD i guess it did for you

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