Servers have some hitreg issues compared to last patch...

Me and my friend noticed that we are having some hitreg issues in EU servers... One day I shot a guy to the head and blood comes out, and he didn't die. My friend stated today that netcode feels awful compared to last patch after he emptied a mag to the enemy player and I agree with him, netcode feels worse compared to last update.

I also think that ads time could still use some adjustment, it still feels very slow.

ADS has added delay against your weight of load out.
I personally tried with just frag and an AR for rushing and.. bump.
ADS delay was awful. It needs a nerf.

I knew that, I also knew that they tweaked it after 8/11 patch with an hotfix, I think it's still too slow. I run with mobility build and it still takes too long to ads IMO.

But ads wasn't my main point with this thread, server performance is.

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