Voice (VOIP) volume

Hi, I just notice that the voice its unhearable when there's minimal shooting and even when is quiet you have to pay lot of attention on what's being said. On the older insurgency we had an slider to control voice volume and effects volume separately, so if the voice was at maximum you could still put the effects down. Right now theres only main, music and voice, with the voice on 100% it's still too low, and if you turn down main, you lower voice too.

Would be nice to have an "effects volume" slider too.

Could sound like not important if you just run and gun, but if you like to play as a team it's very hard to use the voice inside the game, having us to use third party voice clients like discord (that is good if you play only with friends, but on this game you often play with randoms.


I agree. I get that artillery should be loud, but jesus it just overpowers everything. I'd like to be able to turn it down some.