Behold! The BB2 Cross Platform Cup is about to begin!

The BB2 Cross Platform Cup

A great rivalry between the coaches of XBox, PC & PS4 is about to be realized for the 1st time!!
Although true cross-platform play has yet to be activated on our fair game (yet!) it hasn't
stopped 2 teams of the finest console coaches making their way over to PC to challenge an
elite squad of PC coaches right here on their own soil!

Over the next 3 weeks the 3 teams of 5 coaches will go head to head in a best-of-five series.
Week 1 (Starting Monday 29th Jan.) Will witness the 1st series between Team PC & Team Xbox.
Week 2 commences the following Monday where Team XBox will once again be in action.
This time against Team PS4. The final week seeing Team PC taking on Team PS4!

The coaches involved (as well as extensive 3rd party Twitch coverage thanks to our friends over
at the REBBL League) will broadcast all the matches for your entertainment
throughout the tournament! I'll provide a full list of broadcast times & Twitchers once game times have been

Stay tuned, stay classy!

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Who are the coaches good sir?

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team The attachments for each bracket which leads to the individual games are not indicative of who is playing against who and are only placeholders at this time

@thebeerbear said in Behold! The BB2 Cross Platform Cup is about to begin!:

Who are the coaches good sir?

Hi mate,

The teams are:

Team PC

jimmy fantastic - Mulldripster - Ducke - bleeding hippy - worldsitar

Team XBox

Tomidius - Drikk - Glasshammer - GnomeSlayerTrn1 - Blade2993

Team PS4

gerdleh - Thunden - CalciumCas - FantFox - Sergul

The draw being announced live on twitch right now, tune in!!

Will the games end up on YouTube? That's where I watch most my BB2 games to be honest but either way love the idea and I'm sure we will see some cracking games.

Yes we'll upload them to youtube once they've been streamed on twitch.

1st match going live!!!

Jimmy F (PC) Vs Blade2993 (XBox)

Tune in & cheers on you platform!!

Match 2 of the 1st series (PC Vs XBox) Will be going live tonight at 6pm GMT

Bleeding Hippy Vs GnomeSlayerTrn1.

Tune in for the 2nd installment!

also covered courtesy of REBBL!

Match 3 going live at 9pm GMT!!!
Watch it with us...
either in Russian
or English

The 2nd Series of Cross-Platform Cup commences tonight!!

Match 1 of XBox Vs PS4 see's Glasshammer Vs CalciumCas.

Tune in at 10pm GMT tonight to watch the action!!

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