Gameplay Content and the Future

Don't want to do any advertising, but just as an example:
See this map, how objects can make a map much more alive...

@sodoma yeah i get you and those are things that i feel could be implemented fairly easy with the way the game is designed already (hence why it is a mod and works already). although that is not quite exactly what i am talking about. i am mainly getting at these features and content that would really need a restructure of the game design to function properly or even work.

Of course, this should be just an example.
As another, take a look at map "base manager" (sorry, no link, at work now). That is the one working with different types of cargos.
It is a bit clumsy in some ways (it's still "just a MOD") but as a proof of gameplay I've suggested above works nicely, I think...

@sodoma yeah one i never really played but had liked the idea of is that one mod map with the ferry you have to use to get across a body of water also.

now mods like this i can see possibly adding to the game fairly easily since they work already.

Any map that basically force you to use different kind of vehicles is (usually) nice.
What I can recall right now, there was a ferry, a train, even a simple tarmac road, where B-130 can daliver fuel and maintanance, which are out of range (not so much on way) for trucks with logs, is very nice thing to play with.
Piece of unpassable swamp, that only tracked vehicle can take you over, but you have to take some extra fuel with you, because it's thirsty as hell.

Things like these are something, that DEV team should be working on, by my opinion...