Feels really good so far

I'm in love with a lot of what is happening. The only issue I'm running into is FPS drops when playing. I'll play around with settings more and drop a note if anything changes but I've been getting a lot of random freezing during matches. Outside of that, I love it! Keep it up!đŸ€˜

MSI GTX 1080 ti 11 GB
Ryzen 7 1700X
16 GB DDR4 2400

I have the same spec as your except for CPU being i5 8600k not clocked.
What fps are you running before you get into explosions and encounters? I run all medium and Anti aliasing turned off and turn 80-100, avg101 when not encountering and 70 when encountering.
This game is pretty graphic heavy because the maps are huge and explosions are amazingly depicted

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