think twice, bad mod

please really consider if you want snow in your game (Winter textures v17.12.17) it suxs! not really understanding what i was doing, i installed it... it rewrites the whole billboards and texture files. if your as foolish as i am and do not have a backup. you'll be screwed.. Plus it looks like shit. and you cannot 'turn it off'. I learnt a very serious lesson today.. almost all mods are right up there with the quality, some are NOT.. now i'm faced with the daunting task of putting everything back to pre-snow-job status
. AND if you open the editor, pow the corruption follows you there... i will now have a current backup folder prior to ANY mod install.. that's all Rufus

Community Moderator - Spintires


With high probability, Verifying files by steam will solve your problem 🙂

yup just delete your texture cache and media folder and verify files with steam will work wonders. or be like me and use a mod enabler.

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