Save points

Hello there, I've been playing the PC version of the game and really enjoying it so far. The only "problem" (but maybe it's a feature) I'm having with the game is the save point: the game keeps overwriting the same one save slot with the newly saved games. Is it meant to do so (and that means that to explore a different option one would have to play the entire game again) or is there a way to tell the game to save to a new slot?

Finally something bringing back memories of hours of joyful madness spent with my friends on the paper-pencil-dice RPG. Keep up the good work and thank you!


It's our pleasure that you like the game. Regarding save points, it's actually a feature to prevent players from reloading their game whenever they fail a roll of dice or make an important decision. And we cannot tell the game to save to a new slot.

Good day.