About the player models and movement animations

Dudes, I know the owner of the company is making those - watched some presentations of his where he mentioned it. But he's just not good at it. I'm sorry but how the models look and move is just ridiculously funny.

Just as an example look at the Dead by Daylight player movement which is using the same engine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP2sbkj_SsI it looks smooth and natural - legs, arms, face etc. Still not perfect but comparing it to Sandstorm's DbD's are godlike.

So my suggestion is that you hire some model animator with experience and talent.

I agree to that !
Since alpha i had the impression that the Sandstorm characters movement was weird ( doesn´t look natural )
Also the bodies seem to vibrate when they move. It doesn´t look smooth.

Not sure if NWI can change the characters animation at this stage.
Release is in almost 4 weeks. Time is running out !

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