CHAPTER 9 - Trail of Light (?) doesn't change route

I am on Chapter 9 and during the lantern puzzle I have encountered a problem. I am playing on PS4. I have looked up what felt like every walkthrough post or video. I also have restarted the game and my console but to no avail.

While I am holding the green lantern there is the green trail that should lead me to the next barrier that I can "shine away" with my lamp but in my case the trail does always lead me right from the gate to the psychiatric ward where I have enountered the first barrier. Even after I have "shone away" the barrier the trail leads right, to the bathroom. In the walkthroughs I have looked up it clearly shows that the trail is supposed to change directions to the pharmacy where the second barrier (on the floor in the backroom) is to be "shone away" but the trail is still leading me to the bathroom.
I have tried going in the backroom nevertheless and shining to where the barrier is supposed to be but it just doesn't work. Now I am stuck.

Any tips or is this a bug?

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Would it be possible for you to show us video of the issue you're facing?

Youtube Video

As I saw in walkthroughs the trail should change directions after I would be able to grab the red (left) lantern but it just leads right, to the bathroom instead to the back of the pharmacy. Am I missing something?

(Otherwise I had a lot of fun with the game up until now!)

@lastdecember It seems like you aren't using it long enough/close enough on the wall. Could you try that for me, please?

@iyagovos I tried shining at the bathroom again, at the parmacy bookshelves and on the floor and walls in the backroom. I also restarted from the last checkpoint but I'm always getting back to the point in my video. I won't be able to play during the weekend but I will check back in and hope that you or someone else have other tips or things I can try.
Thank you so much for your help until now. 🙂


Sorry, I was mistaken - you need to find a rune that is similar to the one on that wall, and burn it away with your lantern.

@iyagovos I am aware of that. I have watched yet another walkthrough and I think I figured it out. I overlooked something. Ooops. ): I really appreciate that you took the time to help me! (I feel stupid rn. 😕 )