Health regen not working anymore?

Seems not to work atm, must be a bug...

@wolfram Pretty sure there never was health regen at least I really hope not... What your seeing now I believe is just a bloody red effect in all four corners of your screen depicting that you are actually wounded that they didn’t have before. So as I said no health regen there was just no way of telling before that you were actually wounded hence the blood spray effect in the four corners of your screen. This is my understanding I am in no way 100% sure about this but certainly hope this is the case as a health regen system in this game would be extremely silly. Unless of course your just being sarcastic then 🤷♂️... Lol

There was never health regen... if you're joking then it was too advanced for my humor.

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I thought there was health regen tbh, and since you can't bandage shouldn't there also be?

I mean it should wait 30 sec before regen starts, but then that's also way out of combat anyway.

Most games, also the realistic ones, have health regen in them - either that or they allow you to restore health some other way, like bandaging etc.

Just noticed it as you now seem to die real quick if you've been hit earlier in relation to before the 4.20 patch. Hence it feels like the bots have become a lot better, when in reality it's just you who's been wounded earlier so it only takes one shot to down you.

I think the notion of a health recovery is silly. "Hardcore" games may have health regen of some sort, but I like insurgency because it tries to stay, not just hardcore, but realistic. There is no way that you're going to recover from a gunshot wound in the timespan of a firefight in any way.

Furthermore, having a health regen mechanic is not necessary for an fps. Remember that siege doesn't have health regen (unless you have a doc or whatever that new operator is called). Now I know you'll bring up the bandage thing, yea that's not realistic … bandaging stops bleeding but you still have a gunshot wound.

I don't think I stand alone when I say that one of the main appeals of insurgency is its unforgiving nature. You need to try very hard to not take any damage because each shot may just kill you or cripple you for the rest of that life. I think adding health regen would completely ruin the entire core concept of the game.

Well I mean we don't have ballistic drop, or time of flight, vitals modelled or anything like that, so I wouldn't call the game THAT realistic. I'd love for it to be so ofcourse, but that would mean a lot of further weapon & dmg model tweaks. I mean atm .45 ACP out penetrates 9mm, and 7.62x39 penetrates as much as 7.62 NATO. Hardly realistic.

To me a 30 sec pause before health regen seems like a good solution, esp. vs bots that can pull off some amazing across the map shots. Either that or a bandaging system that is slow, like 15 sec to bandage or something.

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You can heal by resupplying at a crate. This is much better than health regeneration or bandages as you can't just heal instantly anywhere.

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Yeah I noticed.

Well I think it is worth thinking about, not only because of crazy across the map shots by bots, but also to alleviate that some people are currently griefing others by shooting them in the legs to reduce their health in COOP mode.

So I think a 30 sec timer before a slow health regen occurs would be a nice addition. Along with more realistic weapon ballistics ofcourse.

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@wolfram Well hey maybe for co-op sure have some magical health regen lol but as far as Versus goes absolutely not I personally really hope they won’t even bat an eye at it because it’s just not right. Bandages to stop the bleeding is one thing if they were to say go as far to add that you could actually bleed to death like a few games I know of but getting health back is just plain silly in my eyes and no place for it here. This is of course my opinion but obviously I feel pretty strong about it. But then you get into the topics if your wounded and now bleeding and need to bandage (which should take a good amount of time to apply) so you don’t bleed out do we now add the option of morphine to stifle a fictional pain and or add an adrenaline needle to temporarily simulate adding health back to the player? Once again all things not really needed in the game not saying that they couldn’t be added if done right but let’s take a game like squad your injured you need to bandage yourself if you have one then someone has a med kit and they rub it on you and you magically gain “life” (HP) back? Lol this has always kind of bothered me especially since no one is willing to do proper animations for any of it anyways I think it all starts to become a little overkill and not needed in a game like this. Once again my opinion but it’s a big old definite NO on any health regen in this game for me lol even co-op!

Yah, I'm glad there's no magical time-based healing mechanic. But I also do like the ability to fully heal when resupplying. That way you can still heal up, you just need to fight your way to the resupply first.

@maa_bunny I didn’t even know about that until this thread but either way suppose that’s alright. I’ll just pretend your sticking yourself with a huge adrenaline needle when you resupply at the box. 😂

@planetcanada Technically, you basically respawn as a new character when you resupply. Any equipment changes you made in class or loadout selection will be applied, and you'll loose anything you picked up like grenades or rockets. So you can think of it as your old character going off to see a medic and someone new stepping into his place.

Or you can think of it as grabbing a few more mags, chugging a beer, and going back out. Your pick 😆

@maa_bunny Haha alright alright fair enough I like both!

@maa_bunny Or just channel your inner Gump! “Something bit me!”

@wolfram The ballistics in the game are something I've brought up a lot before in ttk threads. I do hope the game takes a look at ballistics and makes everything make sense in terms of the rounds. One obvious one is how 7.62x39 seem to have the same penetration as 5.56 rounds against objects, but perform similarly against armor. The 7.62 should be better at penetrating materials and the 5.56 should be better against armor.

I still disagree with bandaging or whatever, even in coop. You can always run back to the resupply crate if you really get yourself down to critical health levels to respawn your character. Though, I think it would be cool if there was a fire support which dropped a resupply crate (kinda like in doi). Then you can drop your team ammo and health at least once in the match during a critical situation.

@thehappybub Yes I completely agree regarding the ballistics. That said I feel a 2 shots to kill to the armoured torso for both the AR15 & AK rifles is perfect. I do feel any gun chambered in 7.62 NATO should drop a man in 1 shot in the same place though, otherwise the purpose of the lower capacity & higher recoil battle rifles makes little sense ingame.

Another thing I've noticed is the insane recoil of the M249 SAW, that thing should if anything recoil slightly less than an AR15 due to its higher weight and same 5.56 chambering. Not a fan of the arcade balancing the devs applied there. Much better to give it slower ADS due to its higher weight, which is another thing I feel the devs need to implement = weapon weight influencing ADS time.

there was never health reg in the 2nd game and probably will never be one

its also not realistic since if you get shot, you need a doctor or medic to help you since you can't just pull the bullet out and regenerate the wound you just go