Bugs, older and recent ones, that (still) exist post Nov 14th patch

  • 01 - when spectating someone with a shotgun he reloads shells endlessly (while playing & killing enemies)
  • 02 - when spectating someone you cannot see when he is throwing a nade or something else (animation is missing)
  • 03 - when spectating someone you sometimes cannot see his arms, hands and the weapon he is using / holding
  • 04 - when spectating someone with an LMG the bullets on the belt float in the air on the right side
  • 05 - frequently the Reload weapon audio drops / is not audible
  • 06 - still get killed at ammo crate after objective was declared "Secured" and u go there to resupply (bug or intended?)
  • 07 - spawning in with many other eye balls / inside players heads
  • 08 - soldiers feet in truck are missing / going through the floor
  • 09 - soldiers feet in truck are floating above floor / not touching the floor
  • 10 - my character was sized like a small kid looking up to the other soldiers sitting next to me in the truck
  • 11 - the new Gamma setting does not stick, every time I start the game it is reset back to a value of 2.2
  • 12 - when u throw C4 / IED it gets sometimes stuck in easy to reach places in such a way that u cannot pick it up again
  • 13 - the HE underbarrel sight sometimes does not display correctly, it's too low on the weapon making aiming with it not possible
  • 14 - weapons sometimes get stuck in the ground and keep spinning round like crazy
  • 15 - in Local Play (not tested in other modes) the Uzi has double Compensators available
  • 16 - in Local Play (not tested in other modes) the M9, M1911, Makarov, Browning and Tariq all have double Compensators and double Flash Hiders available
  • 17 - blowing up the white ammo van pre-game results in insert truck riding the wrong way or getting stuck in a wall or something (funny bug though)
  • 18 - flash nade effect still looks really cheap and unfinished (bright white oval in the middle of the screen?)
  • 19 - soldier's hair and facial hair still looks very bad and fake
  • 20 - player model cannot be rotated in Customization screen (logical place) yet it can be rotated in the Loadout screen?!? Why (only there)?
  • 21 - jumping in water does not make a splash sound at all
  • 22 - jumping down from a roof does not make the player's character say 'Ugh' or 'Argh' ... he stays totally silent
  • 23 - ambient sounds seem missing here and there / it's too quiet in some places?, always loved how previous Ins did this
  • 24 - when u go prone u can throw C4 / IED much further than when you're standing or crouching (bug or intended?)
  • 25 - you can get killed by a nade throw to the head (bug or intended?)

For several of these bugs I have made screenshots, can post them if NWI asks for it.

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