Chapter 9 Bug can't find still-life drawing


I am on chapter 9 and found a room with bust on the desk but after reconstruction scene I can't interact anything to a bust and can't find the next drawing but the objective tell me to find a still-life. When I go the the place where a still-life located I can't interact anything. Right now I'm stuck. please help.

ps. I am from Thailand so sorry for my poor English.

I am playing on the PC, so I am not sure, if it is the same, just in case you use another platform.

Normally you do not have to interact, just come near the object. Therefore after coming near the bust you unlocked the find the still life. You should have a little drawing of it in your hand.

now comes a SPOILER:

The still life is in the section, where Sarah is sitting next to the fire. It is up the chairs, where there is also the drawing of the ship and the tentacles (?). Just go near there and you should find the amulett.

Hope this helps.


Hi, thanks for the reply

I'm playing on PS4 pro. The problem is when I get close to the bust the objective updated to find the still-life but the drawing does not come out (I saw in youtube that it's come out from the bust's ear).

I tried to go near the still-life without the drawing, nothing happens either.

Do you happen to have video of this occurring? You're activating the bust, correct?

I have the exact same problem. I am playing on PS4 and in chapter 9 I can’t take the picture of the still- life drawing, because my character isn’t interacting with the statue where you find it. I already have the first pic, but can’t pick up the second. I restarted the game, but nothing works.

Hi both,

could you let us know how you started Chapter 9? What steps you took up to encountering the issue?

I first talked to the police officer, then to Mrs. Hawkins, then I went to Algernon Drake& was talking to him. From him I got the picture with the statue. Then I investigated the secret path in the very same room, which is now blocked with stones. Then I went to Mrs. Hawkins office, where she did the summoning, I first investigated the summoning scene& did the crime scene sequence, then I wanted to take the second picture in the very same room, but my character doesn’t interact with the stature. I am always holding the pic in my hand. I also tried to press R2 to make him look at the pic, but he still doesn’t interact. More people seems to have that problem, because I saw similar comments in Walkthrough videos on YouTube.

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I talked to Mrs. Hawkins and the Police officer then go talked to Drake and got a drawing of the bust after that I go to the summoning room upstair and activate reconstruction scene after the reconstruction scene finished the drawing of the bust is gone and the objective updated to find the still life but no drawing of the still life in Pierce's hand. I try to investigate the still life but notthing happens.

Hi both,

I've passed both of these on to the dev team, and they're investigating it now.

Im from Germany and i have the same Problem, i Play this Game on ps4 . Please Help ..

my character isn’t interacting with the statue where you find it. CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC

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