Game Breaking Bug, PC Version, Chapter 7: Nameless Bookstore, Phonograph and Safe interfaces not working.

PC - There is a problem with the interfaces for both the safe and the phonograph in the Nameless Bookstore, Chapter 7. None of the controls in the interface in both cases are working EXCEPT 'Validate' on the safe, which works both from the mouse or the keyboard, and 'Play' on the phonograph. However, on the phonograph I cannot switch cylinders. On the safe, I cannot change between the locks, nor can I change the number on the locks (really the first lock, since I can't actually get to the other locks. I bought on steam and have the 11/16 update.

have you tried to log out, close the game, start it again.

In a scene i was also not able to interact with the things there and logging out and restarting the game, helped me.

Hello @edwardseamans,

Can you rebind your controls to use WASD, and see if it helps, please?

Good day!