Please sell new DLCs

First, thank you for this great game, it is beautifull I like it a lot.

If you wonder what DLC, I have 2 "non game breaking" ideas in mind for you.

  • Character level evolution visuals DLC : This is cool because players who have it can still play with players who haven't ... but would be tempted.

  • pom pom DLC : again players who have it could still play with players who don't.

Aside from that the game is nearly perfect except 3 little annoyances

Thank you

Ps: of course others may a have different ideas, my point was more about "non breaking DLC" that make it possible for legendary version owners to continue to play without these optionnal DLC.

Edit: Additionnal idea : add DISCORD int├ęgration for direct matchmaking or Friendly match. DISCORD is really trendy among gamers, I'm sure you could get more infos from DISCORD creators.
And ... a Khrone Demon's team ? would be game breaking because required for multiplayer ... but everybody would want them anyway ^^

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I'd buy a DLC with expanded commentary!