Absence of templates folder

Re: How to set up custom tire friction/ weight/ softness
You may be aware of this,if you are installing mods (manually/non steam) that in some mods the templates folder is not present then what should you do please reply to it soon ill wait because I really need to adjust the grip and i cant figure it out .

Mods don't need their own templates folder, they use the default folder from the game.
If you want to change the tire friction, go to the Mod-folder /classes/wheels and open up the .xml for the tires you want to change.

These are the lines you need to change or add:

<WheelSoftness RadiusOffset="0.03" SoftForceScale="0.12" /> [ <WheelSoftness _template="Average" /> ]
<WheelFriction BodyFriction="3.0" SubstanceFriction="2.0" /> [ <WheelFriction _template="Offroad" /> ]
Mass="500" [ _template="Heavy" ]

Your modded tire.xml should look like something like this:

<_templates Include="trucks" />
Mass="500" <!--change value-->
<WheelTracks _template="Offroad" />
<WheelSoftness RadiusOffset="0.03" SoftForceScale="0.12" /> <!--change value-->
<WheelFriction BodyFriction="3.0" SubstanceFriction="2.0" /> <!--change value-->