Absence of templates folder

Re: How to set up custom tire friction/ weight/ softness
You may be aware of this,if you are installing mods (manually/non steam) that in some mods the templates folder is not present then what should you do please reply to it soon ill wait because I really need to adjust the grip and i cant figure it out .

Mods don't need their own templates folder, they use the default folder from the game.
If you want to change the tire friction, go to the Mod-folder /classes/wheels and open up the .xml for the tires you want to change.

These are the lines you need to change or add:

<WheelSoftness RadiusOffset="0.03" SoftForceScale="0.12" /> [ <WheelSoftness _template="Average" /> ]
<WheelFriction BodyFriction="3.0" SubstanceFriction="2.0" /> [ <WheelFriction _template="Offroad" /> ]
Mass="500" [ _template="Heavy" ]

The code in [ ] is what it looks like if the mod does use templates. Just replace it with the line next to it and change the value to whatever you want.

Your modded tire.xml should look like something like this:

<_templates Include="trucks" />
Mass="500" <!--change value-->
<WheelTracks _template="Offroad" />
<WheelSoftness RadiusOffset="0.03" SoftForceScale="0.12" /> <!--change value-->
<WheelFriction BodyFriction="3.0" SubstanceFriction="2.0" /> <!--change value-->

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