Hello! I joined just to post this question.

I just finished the game, and realized that the Alchemist's Toolkit is completely nonfunctioning in my copy of the game. Here are the facts as I have been able to determine.

First off, I'm playing on PC with keyboard and mouse.

Having equipped the Toolkit, two things became apparent: I did NOT make more noise when running, even after turning off all skills that might affect the noise level; and...

...there was no way whatsoever to access the toolkit during a level!

I checked the control settings for keyboard AND for controller. There was nothing that indicated how to access the toolkit.

I checked other online forums for advice (this was the last one I found, BTW), and 99% of the posts were about accessing it on PS or XBox. All of them indicated accessing a specific menu with a specific button, and some of them also mentioned accessing a map or objectives window, neither of which are in the PC version of the game (and, I suspect, not in the console versions, either).

The ONLY ONE that mentioned how to do it for PC said to use [tab] to pull up another menu. This was corroborated by a walkthrough that mentioned that [tab] could pull up an objectives menu. However, [tab] does not function for the PC version of the game, and is not listed in the keyboard controls under Settings.

I believe that if you're looking for a bug, this information should help you pinpoint it quickly. I suspect that the PC version of the game (or at least, MY copy) is not registering the Toolkit when I put it on Styx.

Thanks in advance for looking into this issue.