Any news on whether its 2019 release or is it time to give up on this?

Seeing as no news from devs on release, is it happening in next year or not till 2020 on?

It's coming out in 2019, that is the information we've all been given. I don't see any reason to give up on this game.

Please don't give up 🙂 We are deep in production. We can do a better job of engaging with the community and we're working on that too.


Any news on the release date? Or engagement with the community? Seems extremely quiet ☹

@david-1 The forums are super quiet. Stuff is still going on, though, and moving forward, although I don't think there has been any talk for a release date.

@sharkxpunch You say you could do a better job engaging with the community, but that comment was nearly nine months ago and yet still no new information. To the outside world it appears you have just given up producing this game. At least have the decency to tell people if that is the case.