Showcase Your Screenshots!

Back in the day on the Oovee forum, we had a forum thread dedicated to showing off screenshots from our game. I thought I would start this thread up. Heres mine:

Forces' XJ on The Gorge.
alt text

@rcbuzz Cool. What map?

@alpscruiser I checked out that thread and it was very logging oriented.

@roughrider Mahoosuc Trails by SmarOneNine 🙂

I have a bunch of screenshots in my collection. Here are some of my favorites.

0_1542760877587_B-6A_3.jpg 0_1542760883071_B-34_2.jpg 0_1542760894584_C-255_2.jpg 0_1542760899888_Zetros_2.jpg 0_1542760904537_Zetros_3.jpg

did you read my first post in the other thread?
you can post every screenshot no matter what typ of.
Right, the most of them are logging but maybe because the game was designed to load logs and deliver them.

Uhh watch there are also some Logging Pictures in here now - very nice.

Some flex with Spun M1008 Tank
alt text

I just went through the pics in the other thread. Nice! But why is it in the off-topic forum? I never go there, so I don't mind having another screenshot thread here. At least I got to see the other one too. And yes this game is primarily about logging, so nothing wrong with logging pics. Crawling / off-roading with smaller vehicles is fine too. I like both, though the smaller vehicles in the workshop are often overpowered and/or overweight. I like to adjust those to realistic values before going on missions.

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maybe one of the moderator will be nice enough to combine the 2 threads? if people want them combined that is, idk.

@alpscruiser @RoughRider i have posted logging and trails in the other thread. it does seem a bit heavy towards logging, but anything goes. lol i like pics, so maybe tonight i can get some seat time and get a few new pics to post here as well. 🤔

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I believe it should be in off topic section instead of gen disc because its not a discussion topic, just a showcase. And if you need a DISCUSSION- its hard to do it if your topic is always in the bottom or second page because some active showcasing topics are bumped each minute.
But in this case - not very active forum - its ok to have it here, for sure after melting with the first one.

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