Weapon Requests !!

Hi dev team and gamers 🙂

I love this game, very intense game, love it 🙂

i do have some requests for the weapons.. and other stuff, but for now, weapons

  1. MG3, this MG would be so crazy cool to have in this game 🙂 so please
  2. M60 E6. lovly weapon
  3. Sig Sauer P320
  4. Revolver of some sort 🙂
  5. Barret caliber 12 sniper
  6. MP 5
  7. HK 21 would also be nice.

thats it for now

keep up the good work guys



Weapons I'd like to see added:

  1. Steyr AUG
  2. Bushmaster/Remington ACR
  3. UMP
  4. Vector
  5. Desert Eagle

Skins would be cool as well. Of course, they should not be as freaky as in CSGO. Maybe just different colors and camouflage.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands had some pretty nice skins styles.

@benny All good appart from Deagle. This weapon is useless on the battlefield. It's a glorified revolver, but heavier, bulkier, and never gets used because of that. It's a fun weapon to go range shooting, but it's disregarded in battle for a lot of valid reasons.

@grumf might be true. However it may effect gameplay in a good way when it's as strong as in CSGO.

@benny Yeah, but i'd rather see a good 357 magnum revolver for that :p

The Desert Eagle is large, heavy, has a small mag capacity, and a finicky action prone to jamming. It's intended primarily for target shooting, which is why it comes standard with a scope rail. Not really something military units use.

I'm not sure what a "caliber 12" rifle is. I'm assuming you mean .50 caliber (12.7mm)? I don't think the engagement distances in Sandstorm make these rifles feasible, they'd be outclassed in every way by the M-14. Though I guess they could be used to take out technicals.

Weapons I'd like to see added:

          • M18A1 Claymore -> proximity detection

good for perimeter defense

good work guys

Weapons I'd like to see added:

  • M18A1 Claymore -> proximity detection 😍

good for perimeter defense

I guess claymores would be interesting... Even though it seems like a pain in the butt, quite frankly.
If they wound the victims so they can't take damage anymore before dying, I'm okay with it. Could serve the purpose of weaken the enemy while revealing his position too. That'd be more strategic.

@cyb3rx said in Weapon Requests !!:

M18A1 Claymore -> proximity detection

I don't mean to always be the "realism!" grump, but it doesn't really exist. Claymores are designed to be detonated manually with a clacker. It's the only official method for detonating them. Closest you can get to a proximity detonator in real life is a trip wire, there are plenty of unofficial ways to rig these up but the Army is careful about documenting them, as doing so technically violates landmine conventions the US is a signatory to.

That said, I totally recognize that realism sometimes needs to take a back seat to game play. In real life the Claymore is designed to be emplaced in a prepared defensive position and detonated to cause mass casualties to groups of attacking soldiers. In Sandstorm they'd work a lot like the C4 charges demo specialists already get, which could be cool, but magical "laser" proximity fuses seem to just be better for gameplay much of the time.

@maa_bunny placing them and then detonating them with a clacker would be awesome, I don't think they should have magical lasers.

@benny said in Weapon Requests !!:


Yes plz, my favorite firearm.


M18A1 Claymore - said by the proximity, thinking of a trigger for the game, could be laser, cord. In Sniper 4 the mine is by cord.

Guys, sorry, my english is translated by google.

@cyb3rx laser is unrealistic and tripwire would take a wild amount of time to set up irl. Having it detonate by clacker is the only actually reasonable way.

IMHO ideal total weapon future list for our game:

for Insurgents

gold desert eagle 50AE, colt anaconda with scope, CZ-75, Luger pistol, TT Pistol, Stechkin auto pistol, judge revolver
double barrel sawed off shotgun, SPAS-12, Saiga 12, winchester 1887
P-19 Bizon, sv61 scorpion, mac-10, TAC-9, MP-38, PPSH-41, M1A1 Thompson, Beretta M12S
Machine Gun
Assault Rifle
M14 Rifle, M16A1, Colt Commando
Sniper Rifle
Mauser 98, M1 Garand, M40, Steyr Scout
Granade launcher
M79, RPG-18 "Fly"

for Security

5-7, HK MK23, Beretta 93R, Ots-27 Berdysh, Glock 18.
Submachine Guns
UMP45, MP-9, P-90, PP-19-01 Vityaz, Kriss Vector, SR-2, scorpion evo3, MP5SD, microuzi
Sniper Rifles
VSS VAL, AWM 338 Lapua Magnum, Remington 700, SOCOM 15, Heckler & Koch SR9TC, SV-98, McMillan CS5, Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention
Assault Rifles
Steyr AUG, FAMAS, SG553, HK-416, AK-12, AEK971, АН-94, ACR, Galil ACE
Benelli M3, Spas-15, mossberg 500
Machine Gun
Grenade Launcher
LAW, revolver 40mm 6 rounds gas launcher
And maybe HumVee with M2 machine gun for security side...

Maybe some light smg like mac 10, microuzi and mp9 can be in pistol slot..

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Just a deadlier melee weapon like a ohk knife of some sort... An axe would suffice as well - Could be expensive in points, no worries, just fun to have the option.

A melee kill animation would be epic.

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Both of my requests are for the gunner class

M27 IAR: Basically a HK 416 built for sustained fire. Give the gunner class the ability to act like a rifleman while still giving it something to set it aside from a regular rifleman. fires 5.56 NATO. Uses the same mags as the M4/M16, letting the user scrounge for ammo.

L2A1/Bipod+extended mag + Heavy barrel FAL: Basically same reason as above. Fires 7.62 NATO.

RPK: Basically a massive AK. Should be able to take either drum or magazines, uses the same mags as AK allowing for the user to scrounge for ammo.

Basically all these weapons would allow the user to still act as a machine gunner in the typical role, but would also allow it to fight as a regular rifleman. Also gives variety since the gunner's are both limited to heavy machine guns firing full power rounds.


Claymore with manual detonation, I'm fine with, but the proximity detection would make the weapon unbalanced (unless it's damage is nerfed to oblivion). Besides, the proxy detection you see in cod doesn't exist in real life.

@pacalis said in Weapon Requests !!:

A melee kill animation would be epic.

People complained at me when I proposed this earlier, but I think a quick "takedown" animation, just a quick clavicle stab or something that doesn't lock you in for longer than a second would be cool to make all those awkward melee confrontations look a little more intense and also get satisfaction out of sneaking up on someone.

The way normal melee works rn also bothers me, it looks like people are like sissy smacking a little piece of string dangling down from everyone's chin. It's honestly pretty silly.

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