Performance at this moment. Seconds thoughts!

In single player games I have no higher standards myself, some stuttering does not bother me even in FPS games - Like Misery mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripryat, my favourite single player experience runs like a rusty veteran Ford car in a race against modern Lamborghinis, but it doesn't matter as the enemies stutter with it, in a competitive pvp on the other hand, any stuttering might end your run in a manner that feels unfair - So I wouldn't set myself in that position. Though I am very patient, I believe the game will run better later on - Even if it means they hired in some help later on or just needed more time in general as the ambitions where unrealistic in the timeframe set.

Its hard to read irony in text, but I read it like you jokingly waited for Half-Life 3, though I would still recommend the Minerva mod even if you didnt enjoy half-life 2 but like shooters - I also did not enjoy HL2 - by writing I actually had to buy episode 1 to play the Minerva mod, and I remember why: At some point there was a lot of driving through landscapes and some encounters with choppers set up like kinda mini-bosses where you needed to rpg them - Both these elements where horrible in my book and took away the immersion, as I preferred the more nauseous feeling of a lab worker both on the run and exploring the Black Mesa research facility in tight corridors that does not expose the graphical limitations at all times in HL1.

Yeah, I hope you found some interesting reading or videos, I really liked how Superhot and Hearthstone was both made on Unity, and that Mass Effect III and Mass Effect: Andromeda was made on different engines, as they felt very similar for me. Also in the UE4 videos about Fortnite the talk about how they used UE4 also when putting Fortnite on mobile - Something I would never have guessed was the practice, as I thought the games were very different (admittedly I haven't touched Fortnite at all as the graphics and gameplay looks like a catastrophe imo).

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dude i cant go back to insurgency. After just feels.....boringly smooth. I'd rather have a Ferrari that stutters when you floor it, than a brand new prius. And dont get me wrong, insurgency was my shit. Since last october, i put in something like 480 hours. But since the first day playing sandstorm....going back to it just feels lackluster. Which is why i'm rooting for this game to get polished haha.

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On English Wikiepedia it is everything like I said. Or what do you mean?

I like searched for a list of UE4 games and some Wikipedia site I found
had it under ue4 so I believed it, but it's fixed now.

insurgency feels AMAZING to play compared to this, I still much prefer it, I know this is beta but there is still WAY too many bugs and performance is still bad