I ove this game - so I'm not going to be the hotheaded userr who has come here to bitch about stuff. However, I am a little disappointed and would LOVe to see the following updates:

  1. Allow Multiuser/AI teams all game types in Private leaguges (no ladder currently)
  2. Allow More than 8 AI teams in a moxed league. I've read all of the forum posts and I understand this is a server space issue - but it would be great if we could even get 15 - 20 AI teams in a league.
  3. PLEASE create a way for AI teams to accept Tickets - this is really the only way we can have ongoing leagues with consistenet User/AI teams - I know I can add new AI teams to a competition and they will have similar TV - but really can't we at least carry the AI from competition to competition if we want?
  4. When Players die in league play their names and stats diappear from the Hall of Fame records when the competition ends. That sucks - can't they stay on the record boards?
  5. Please allow us to use cash as a reward in competitions. Cyans are fairly useless - it would be nice to be able to give money so people could hire players and upgrade stadiums in between competitions.

I'm sure I could think of several other things but those are the major issues we have right now. We just want to play consistent, on going seasons with the same teams - and more of them. We don't need 128 team leagues but 15-30 would be great. Most of these issues stem around what you allow us to do with AI teams.