Some things that would be really good for the game

So I finally got around to making an account.

The game has lots of things that could be better. Don't all games?

This won't be the nitpicky list of things I'd like to see, but changes that I think will improve the game in a major way.

  1. Weapon effectiveness, bolters in particular, are passable at the start, but become less effective at stopping genestealers as the game goes on. This is bad in many ways:

-The coolest and most iconic weapon of 40k is a disappointment.

-There are few effective weapons. You are forced to use the same weapons over and over to make a difference.

-Lack of utility: A bolter can't clear a corridor or cover an approach. It's a niche weapon for plinking cultists.

-Lack of stopping power: Even the Redemption fails as an effective deterrent. It's frustrating to see a genestealer coming at you or behind a battle-brother, and your bullets do nothing.

-Unsatisfying to use. Somewhat of a reapeat point, but it bears repetition.

  1. Too much and too accurate information in the minimap. Not only is this to the detriment of the games aesthetics because you focus more on the map than the environment; There is also no surprises because genestealers are pinpointed on the map at all times, if not for stalker strain disruption. In a game derivative of Alien, there are no surprises, no suspense! That is, unless a scythestrain falls on your head.

  2. On that note, it would be good to see less predictable behavior, as in not attacking. It would be horrifying to face a stalker strain or broodlord that hangs back in support of other genestealers or retreat to come back randomly. Or any genestealer sitting motionless in a dark corner, or surrounding the terminators at a safe distance, making hissing noises. Scythestrain in a shipping container. Speaking of, they're fairly balanced now so can we have broodlord crawl through doors?

  3. Interesting abilities. Some people think the chaplain is overpowered. They would be right. However, his abilities are both effective and have a lot of utility. This is not true for any other class. Many abilities are good, but only good at one thing. Like apothecary abilities or firepower boost on the heavy. Others like mines or servoskull are neat, but don't affect the game much. I 'd like (I know, I promised) to see these as equippable gadgets.

  4. Apothecary melee weapons. The apothecary is really limited in his choices because alone of all classes, his narthecium halves ability cooldown, making all other weapons a non-choice.

  5. Headswaps. Maybe less important, but I think it would add a sense of individuality. Also, you know those little skulls we can put on the front of our weapons? Can we have little cathedrals too? Pretty please. (OK, I'll stop)

I have many things I'd love to see, but these are the ones I believe to be relatively important.

Desist, there´s no hope for this game, sadly.

I gave many chances, but finally, i desist.

40 euros to trash

You did no such thing..youve been trolling here for months XD Have fun buddy...