Dedicated server's freeze 95 procent?

every now and then the server's i own goes and stop loading when on 95 procent...
somtimes after map cycle somtimes just out of no where when i wanna join?

any one with same problem? hope for fix soon xD

Have you tried rebooting the server when this happens?

The current servers need regular reboots to keep them running properly

I reboot mine 3 times a day when possible to avert joining problems

like i have job to do in real life i cant just restart a server 3 times a day for a known bug... lol

You think you are the only one with a job?

Restart before work & again after work & you will probably control your problem

At least until a fix is rolled out. Hopefully later this week when the update is released

But going on other UE4 games a fix is harder than we think 😞

no i will not restart my server before work. gotta be fixt.