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anyone else like to go through the screenshots section on steam? can see some interesting and sometimes great shots. which by the way reminds me of another thing. can people please turn their hud overlays off. i have seen so many nice shots that are spoiled by the overlay imo.

pc fellas, you can go into your texturecache zip and delete the steam icon overlays. look for the file and delete it.

i also like to take screen shots. i have hundreds of them. i just can't figure out where they are, i have a few really great shots that i would like to share. However, my lack of computer skills is blocking my efforts.. any ideas on where they might be? i do keep the HUD off. However the Dev Mod HUD is in the shots, again i have no idea how to turn that off... Rufus

@rufus turn the dev menu off in the mod options before taking the pic. lol

after you upload the image to steam where does it say you saving them to when you save the image to your pc or a hosting site?

edit: after i upload my pics to steam library, i save the pics i want to a hosting site (i use PostImage myself) then i save the pics from there to my PC.

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@8up-local whats the point of deleting that file in the texture zip? all you have to do is leave this box unchecked...

alt text

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@rufus open steam>library>games>click on mudrunner> scroll down and click the button below...then click 'show on disc'

alt text

@smaronenine yes i have hud off, but i could have sworn that the steam icon overlay stayed. lol my mistake there.

there is a few ways to get to your screenshots really, just a matter of what you are used to doing.

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@8up-local ok lol, I was just wondering because I've never had an issue with seeing the overlay on my screens but I thought maybe you were talking about something else, And as far as finding your screens yeah I just thought that was one of the easier ways to do it...Also, I've noticed lately that some screenshots in the community as well as yours and mine that the dimensions are different? Is that just a monitor thing?

@smaronenine yeah most likely a difference in monitors i figure as well . i have a traditional sized screen where i imagine others have the newer big wide screen type.

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I enjoy looking through screenshots too, here's one of mine. The graphical improvements over 2014 spintires are really nice.

@sorcerer nice pic. yeah, i have shots old and new that i have compared too. quite a bit of difference. for me one of the biggest is the detail under the trucks.



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I have noticed that too. Biggest improvement I think is the B-130. The 2014 version's chassis looked like a port from Half Life 2.

for me it's the Spintires plus Mod. Dev hud that is in my shots now. and i found where the screenshots go after i take them (thank you)

@rufus turn the dev menu off in the mod options when taking shots.

This game has a really nice environment and great photo potential. I wish we had a free camera to create even better screenshots. But playing with ReShade so my colors and contrast is much higher that vanilla I'm never satisfied about screenshots. I need to make them pretty again with photoshop 🙂 Normal printscreening is not a solution since it captures whole overlay.

@8up-local I take so many screenshots. Most of them are friends only because I keep my works of art fairly secret. Right now my screenshots are worth taking a look at.

@roughrider not sure why, but steam has been acting up for me lately. i have not been able to see anyones screen shots for a couple days now (except in the activity feed), not even my own. anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

@8up-local if your talking about just clicking someones profile and then there screenshots no i dont seem to be having a problem with that i just got done viewing most if not all of you and RoughRiders screens with no problem...and they look great guys.

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@smaronenine yeah it was just a bug. my steam is pulling up peoples screen shots now. one of those "steam" things again i guess. lol

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