Switch American Wilds Edition is out now!

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MudRunner brings realistic physics, real trucks, and tons of mud to the Nintendo Switch today!

Drive stunningly recreated vehicles through the deadly, treacherous wilds of Russia’s coldest climes and the rough lands of the United States, battling natural forces and your own bravery to deliver cargo and make a living in some of the harshest environments in the world.

For the first time ever the full Mudrunner experience, including the American Wilds expansion, is now available handheld and portable so you can push to the limit no matter where you are.

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MudRunner runs perfectly on the Switch platform in handheld or docked mode, despite being the first game of its type on the platform. The realistic mud physics, vehicles straining against impossible climbs and raging rivers, the crash of metal on wood as a mistimed swerve sends you plummeting down a ravine with your cargo - now available on the go.


MudRunner - American Wilds Edition on Nintendo Switch is the ultimate offroad experience, featuring 33 heavy vehicles from recognisable brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Western Star, and many more. Over 60 add-ons, 10 sandbox maps, and 11 challenge maps mean hours of entertainment armed with your compass, winch, and driving skills. Go solo or join up to three others in online coop multiplayer.

MudRunner - American Wilds Edition is available now on Nintendo Switch, as well as PC, Xbox One, and PS4. http://mudrunner-thegame.com/shop

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Good lets do a proper MR 2 now

So I'm guessing that now MR is officially abandoned?? No more updates?

@zamal said in Switch American Wilds Edition is out now!:

Good lets do a proper MR 2 now

Yeah, this time create a truly new, ultimate offroad experience or whatever you want to call it, on a new engine that will meet all 2018/2019 standards. You have the money, do it.

Since there are no smooth triggers in Nintendo switch - there is still a problem with switching the speed on the manual box, when you need to put on the second (average) division in first gear, it is very difficult to get. As it seems to me, the solution to this problem would be to increase the size of the speed switch itself (lever, lower right).

@denishch nintendo port is kinda whack since it cant handle all this foliage and physics iv noticed bunch of fps drops, but it is what it is they did their best. first when switch was announced i was surprised, but then u look at doom on switch and it has same problem but i dont know, im just in anticipation of february TBH. lots of good stuff dropping like metro, resident evil 2 remastered and mudrunner 2 news so its gonna be sweet, + it matches my vacation :)))