Game of the Year

Some will say it's absurd, well I've nominated FTW as Game of the Year. Fortnite and some other popular ones are not for me but FTW would be something I would enjoy in the genre so yes why not. I don't really think it's gonna help but it was either FTW or I would have simply skipped that category.

Now if only someone serious would take the lead, bring a decent NA server and finds a way to bring more players in, it would be great.

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Hey Rhialto,

Thanks for the nomination! Everyone at Focus and Vostok appreciates the support you and everyone in the community is showing for Fear The Wolves, even if we aren't very vocal.

А я думал, что я один в номинации Игра года назначил Fear The Wolves!!! 🙂

Я тоже номинировал на игру года,игра супер. Жду новых обновлений)))

Мне очень нравится этот проект и я очень надеюсь,что новые обновления не заставят себя долго ждать и аудитория вернётся в игру)))