Can’t get passed the tutorial stage

Hey there

Recently purchased the game for ps4 but can’t get passed the tutorial stage. I get to the stage where I have to turn right to face a wall and use the tactical vision by pressing square however, every time I press square it does nothing. Just wondering if anyone can help me with this?

Hi @Lil_Murlin ,
Can you please download the Second Update patch we've released yesterday and see if this issue persists?
Good day!

Hey @chaton

I've downloaded the second update patch (V1.04) and it still does not not work. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the game to make sure as well, but unfortunately the same thing happens and it will not allow me pass this particular part of the tutorial.

What region are you playing in, please?

Hello there.

I played through the campaign several times, and I did recall something about the tutorial getting "stuck". I think the problem is the information on-screen is not always perfectly clear, on what to do next. I just restarted and played the tutorial once again, up to the point you describe:

After you [MOVE FORWARD] and [TURN RIGHT] to face the wall, as you describe, you should be prompted to press Square to see the tactical vision, and then Square again, to return to normal vision. After doing this, you cannot return to tactical vision once again.
The next thing you need to do, is to [MOVE DIAGONALLY] forward and to the left, and then [INTERACT] with the door. Try it out.

Also, if you wish to join our group-chat, to help us find games, send me a message on Playstation. My name there is ExBeeOne.

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Hey guys

Thanks for commenting however I found out the problem. The square button on my controller is broken 😬 . Probably should have tested another game first before posting haha. Thanks for trying to help though, much appreciated.

Fear Not!! The Tech Priests will be able to restore your controller to its full operational capacity!!!

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