Molotov one-hit-kill snipers from 150m...

Especially in COOP (mostly play COOP) - the bots will launch a molotov from half the map away right on your head and insta-kill...

If I threw a bottle at you from 150 metres away would you move or let me hit you in the face with it?

What if it was filled with petrol and on fire?

Dodge it. It's fun!

that's not easy when it's coming straight from above like a mortar shell ^^

I once saw a molly go almost straight up in the air in a bit of a distance behind a wall, flying up and out of my vision, didn't think it would be for me. Surprised i was...

Yeah, the bots shouldn't be allowed to throw mollys at you without ever having line of sight to you, and shouldn't be able to throw it beyong a certain vertical angle like 55-60 degrees.

This might be worth noting, but they're using the sound of your guns and your footsteps to know where to throw it. If you're suppressed, and you always slow down your walk with alt when holding a position, they wont nade your windows, or molly you. If defending a point, use suppressed, walk by pressing alt, dont EVER peek a window, let them come to you, and you'll never see another grenade come through a window or a molly hit your face. My buddies and i tried this extensively.

I've gotten hit by mollies which have fallen through windows from the top floor onto the first floor, from the sky into courtyards, and other situations like that. If a player chucks a random nade at a direction where enemy gunfire is coming from, yea sometimes it'll be a real Kobe and get into a lucky spot, but not consistently.

The thing is that the bots are just all Kobe. It happens waaay too often. There should be some metric which introduces a level of randomness to their throw angle so that if they aim, its for a general area and not through two windows and straight onto my head from across the map. If it happens sometimes because rng is on the bot's side, then fine.

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I don’t get it. NWI developes an entirely new game that includes new models, sounds, maps, and AI, which all required countless hours of work, but then doesn’t stop to think that the bots should have some level of inaccuracy when throwing molotovs.

@tooth-decay It's easy to forget small details when you're developing an entirely new game that includes new models, sounds, maps, and AI, which all required countless hours of work.

@cyoce which is why NWI has us to complain at them BEFORE the game gets released to the general public...

@thehappybub Exactly. I know NWI has trouble with deadlines, but I don't understand the animosity toward developers for having issues in a game they've made very clear is not finished yet...

@cyoce I don't think its animosity, its just that the game is due in 2 weeks...



Until they announce an extension, whereupon it then isn't. It's not ready and providing it gets done when it gets done, we have nothing to be unhappy about.

@whitby the release date is NWI's own words. This is just one of many examples of why I think they should push the release. We have reason to be concerned because the developers are still pushing the current release date. As I see it, all these threads are a message to the developers that this game isn't ready...


Last time they had a release date, the game wasn't ready and they announced it was being pushed back quite late.

They have a publisher. Publishers are suits. The suits will say stuff like "try your best, let's see if you can make the deadline". They don't want to have the delay if the development costs are coming out of their pocket. When it becomes unarguably apparent, a few days beforehand, you can expect the suits will capitulate and NWI will announce another delay. You can also guarantee it won't be a jovial conversation between the devs and the financiers leading up to that decision. However, you can also guarantee the financiers want to make their money back and it's not in their interest to release a half finished game. It's a bit different for the big Triple-A's, I guarantee Assassins Creed: Unity's team (for example) were hard at work on another project the week after that disaster released because the suits saw it more fit to crank another game out than polish the existing one.

The release date is NWI's words, but they are beholden to their publisher.

If NWI release it unfinished it'll be because the publisher insisted. Y'know, like the Triple-A publishers do all the time. NWI give a fuck about what they create - that's why what they create is so high quality and has so much in the way of quality of life improvements.

Well, we'll see if it gets pushed or not.

guys, you're going way off-topic!

@whitby Not possible if they loop it over a wall and through a window....

the bots shouldn't be allowed to throw mollys at you without ever having line of sight to you

This also works for .50 cal mounted MG. AI saw me, started shooting, I ran behind a wall and didn't stop running : the bot was shooting at my exact position through the wall as I was running. Now I may be unlucky, but it's still suspicious. I call wall hax.


Agreed unless you're on an objective. They should be dumping all their explosive ordnance into an objective before they push it. Teams who sit on an objective need to be punished for not forming up a perimeter defence around it.

@grabbinpeels1 said in Molotov one-hit-kill snipers from 150m...:

guys, you're going way off-topic!

has anyone seen my car keys

@W4T3RBOY on top of this, the fact that a bot can be 4 feet from a technical...jump in, turn the turret to face you, pull the trigger, and have his FIRST FUCKING BULLET hit you in the FACE, ALL WITHIN A GOD DAMN MILLISECOND.....IS RIDICULOUS.

I love sniping. I especially like the custom servers, because people play their class more. Nobody's worried about rushing the obj to get points. But when this shit happens to me, and the truck only takes up half the size of my 4x optic (at least 200m), I get infuriated.