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Here one more thing I would like to see for Consoles. I remember back when I used to have Super Smash Bros. for the N64. You could custimize a variety of Multiplayer mode whatever you heartily desire. For those that don't know the game. The goal here is that player would need to beat the crap out of Nintendo trademark character by dealing enough damage to that said opponent. In order to eliminate an opponent, you would need to smash you opponent and knock them out of the screen. Any users who happen to maintain the highest score/kill count within 2 minutes win the match. Take note that if nobody reaches the highest kill count, there a 'sudden death' mode where one opponent would need to take out the other quickly before rainy 'Bomb-os' would drop all over the stage. But wait, there more. There also a couple game mode you could play, such as that coin mini game and elimination game mode. These game modes can only be play via the Multiplayer Option. The coin mini game consist of collecting enough money by beating other player. The player who has the most money wins the game. While the elimination game mode forces other player to drain someone lives out. The last player who has only a few more lives would emerge victorious.

Now, let's use another example. While both Goldeneye 007(N64) and Perfect Dark only had Deathmatch game mode. One of the most universal trait from Rareware older title is the customization of the multiplayer option. You could have certain weapons to appear in certain maps. You can change the rules for the 'Deathmatch' game mode whenever you would like to set a certain kill count or set the time limit to end the round. Yes, you can play whatever map you like. I don't want to waste any time explaining describing about how deathmatch would work. If anyone forget the past, you might to refer to this post I made a few month ago.

If Smash Bros. earned a lot of loyal fanbase and offered competitive game mode that can be customized at their living room, Sandstorm should offer the multiplayer option if they really want to go big in the competitive scene. I used to play in a competitive league back at, so I know how they customize their own competitive firefight game mode. In fact, it would would been big if only I could at least get rid of the 'support' system. Remove any explosions like RPG and C4. And remove the MG weapons from the game mode entirely. I would like to see the option for customization game mode to support private online serer/lobby, dedicated server, split screen, and if possible; LAN support for PC and Consoles. That all.

Remember, when it comes to bringing the multiplayer to consoles. Most console player won't be able to to change the config build in Sandstorm like we used to do in Source. What the dev from Nintendo/Rareware really did was they actually build up the multiplayer UI setting just for the player. Basically, the multiplayer setting is more like "OK, if you don't like the setting we currently used by default. Your free to modify the rules/playlist whatever your hearty desire." I really sure you don't want to ever forget the multiplayer option. If your one of thous dev that mention they they want to benefit the competitive scene, than you better act like your willing to contribute something to the community. Trust me, I'm one of those player who grew up playing on the home console way back in 2000's. No matter if we play Sandstorm on Console or PC, the multiplayer setting should be build from the ground up.

So basically what you're suggesting is customization for servers? Including changing stats of weapons/equipment (like the weight of the chest rig was put to 0 in the comp Insurgency theater), or disabling certain weapons/attachments/equipment altogether?

I'd also like to see splitscreen return, if at all possible and doable.
Also support for setting up a local LAN game would be a great thing to have, like you said.

Not necessarily customization server, but I was referring to some setting that allow you to get rid certain items, stats, adjust the game mode setting, etc. using the multiplayer setting. The multiplayer setting was build for Console side. These are the setting I would love to see.

For example, you know how there a bunch of player out there that happen to play Super Smash Bros. Melee on Twitch? Well, they setup the own setting were they only use 4 man live and have a time limit of something like 8 minutes. In addition, they got rid of the item from spawning altogether.

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