Please provide some cover from the insane bot grenades

If you're going to insist on having bots that can plant a perfectly timed frag in front of me while I'm defending a checkpoint, even though they've never seen me, can you at least put some kind of boxes or cover inside of the checkpoints so we at least have a chance to scoot to cover?

I am entirely sick of watching my otherwise-fine teams get wiped by random death lotteries. There was enough random death with the air support already.

It's just not fun. Because everyone keeps saying "it's war bruh". It's not war. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun. Randomly dying with no way to defend against it is not fun. It's frustrating.

Form up a defence around the point instead of having everybody on it. You know, like you would in an actual gunfight...

If your team is spread out it won't be wiped by a singular frag.

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That's not really the problem though, is it? I don't think anyone would mind the grenade usage if it wasn't for the fact that the bots can hit you right in the face from what feels like 100m+ away. When flanking around the back of the bots you often see them throwing grenades while looking straight up in the air without even remotely having line of sight to the objective.

That also brings up the objective area dilemma, for lack of a better word, where in it's current state the game rewards stacking up on the point since that's what gives you the objective points and when you try to suggest you should get points if you cover the flank from a defensive position a bit outside the cap area you get shouted down by the "PTFO" crowd.

Its not really a problem. I get a well placed nade on me only when I've been camping pretty hard and the enemy know where I am. Its pretty good as is IMO.

A fair point is made regarding score for stacking ON the point. This needs to be proximity based or the whole team should be rewarded or punished as a team.

Otherwise, grenade use is great. Love it

@brumby92 you don't have a problem with anything, do you? Lol

As it currently stands, the bot grenades are unrealistically accurate, kind of how the bots used to be super accurate with everything else before they got patched into normalcy.

It's not just standing at objectives. I've had situations where I was running in the open amd a bot managed to lob a grenade right at me. Like I got a damage marker as the grenade physically hit me. I've been on the first floor of a building just to get physically hit by a grenade which was lobbed through a second-story window...

Currently the bots have like exact angle calculations determining their grenade throws. This is rather silly and can be easily remedied by introducing some rng into their throw. Maybe then sometimes a bot will pop off a perfect throw, but not Every. Single. Time.