Just found out about the game so I'll ask a lot of questions at once:

So yeah, as the title implies, I just found out about this game and from what I've seen it looks like the most enjoyable open world RPG yet, and I have some questions that I'd love if someone took the time to answer:

  1. Is there any specific release date planned yet?

  2. Will we get an online mode? Maybe just a 2-4 player co-op?

  3. How will the mechanics for diplomacy in the game work?

  4. What will be the price of the game?


Sadly, not much information is out there yet. Still, I'll answer what I know.

There's no release date given from the devs except a target for sometime 2018

There's been nothing said about the price, to my knowledge.

Also, from what I've read and heard it will be singleplayer.

Finally, all we know is that dimplomacy is for sure in and will make appearances in the game. The devs implied that the player can, by choice, choose which faction to align themselves with. All of them or none of them also seem to be options.

Sorry for lack if info, and I hope we all learn more soon.

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Heya D3athL0g and thanks for your message.

If you want to have a better understanding of what GreedFall will be, you can have a look to the previous posts on this forum and to these links.


First of all, GreedFall won't be open world, as we want to control the narration in a certain way. Release date and price aren't communicated. It's a single player game, like The Technomancer or the previous games we made before.

Diplomacy will work, of course through dialog choices, but not only. Your relation with each faction can be changed regarding which companion you're helping the most, or the order you will choose to achieve side quests.

Stay tuned, we will release some news very very soon 🙂

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