There are two rounds in Push (in the match making) and I see most of times it ending in tying 1 - 1. That frustrates me a little because at the end of the match there is no clear winner as far as I can see in these cases, you get your points and credits that's the end of it.
I am in the opinion it should remain 2 rounds only 'cause it would become tiring, but what about creating a criteria to decide who wins, for example giving points not only to player but also to the team as a whole( I don't remember if it's already done), so in case of tying the team who has more points would win. I see the mode Push as the main selling point to the game even me being a great Skirmish fan in the firts Insurgency, I think it would'n be bad if they take more care of this mode (push) than the others. I know that they have yet to balance the maps but I believe my sugestion would alleviate those hard to 'tune'.