[PC] Diving Tackle Bug


just had a league match with my Undead against Dwarfs. Unfortunately I can not upload the file...
It was this match: http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/match_detail.php?match_uuid=100041bd59
I wanted to dodge out with my Wight (has Dodge) to get a one die against the ballcarrier. The wight was on the ground next to two dwarfs with tackle, one of them had diving tackle ( which I of course forgot^^).

I dodge=> roll a 2=> reroll =>3 the timer for the opponent start to decide if he wants to use diving tackle...on my screen it just timed out than I got a turnover, but 1. the dwarf with diving tackle ist still standing and 2. my whole screen is still grey like it was still in the "reroll-replay" and 3.the timer is on 4min and does not work anymore.
You can also see it in the replay of the match, that something is wrong.

Focus Team

Hello, thanks for the report, I've managed to reproduced it on my side.

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