PS4 multiplayer cross region?

I'm playing on switch and loving the game.

I'm might buy again on PS4 and convince a couple of Japanese friends to get on it with me.

But before we spend the money, I need to know if players "in the UK" and players in Japan can play together?

I hope somebody can help me with this info. Thanks.

If you invite each other then you should be able to..

But keep in mind that intercontinental matchmaking can sometimes be a pain if your networks are colliding.

Good luck.


I've never heard of colliding networks.
what does that mean?

it seems a lot of games just don't allow Japanese and western players to play together (red dead, GTA, EDF), but you're sure it's not totally impossible on mudrunner?

(I had to go and buy a Japanese copy of gta just to get on the Japanese servers, even though I already had a UK copy. so now I have two installations of gta on my playstation)