Lost connection to server still there.

Guys the lost connection stuff is getting annoying and me and my friends don't experience something like this in any other game. Our internet and connection is perfectly fine.

Id like to know if the team is working on this, I enjoy the game a lot but this has to be fixed, please.

Me too..i am level 61 and i stopped playing around 2 month ago..today went to check, same problem, i cant even finish 1 match without being disconnected (it,s not my internet, i play bf1, bf5 and other online without any issues). i addressed this problem here 2 times. i'm thinking about refunding this game now.

Try custom servers, I don't get lost connection there. This is a serious problem and they will see it at free beta when more people try the game. In my area there are many with this problem and the devs are not going to fix it until there are more reporting about this.
If some big streamer is going to get lost connections while sreaming, that would probably make them look in to this.

Edit: build number CL72914.
The lost connection problems started when beta 2 came.

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Hi all,

Could you please let me know the build number that you are playing on? This can be found in the bottom left of the main menu screen.

@iyagovos Mine is CL72914 and my friend has CL72914 as well

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Thank you, I've passed this along 🙂

Having the same issue for the last week. Getting worse!
Can't play more than 20-30min.

My build is CL72914.

Tried everything I could think off, including turning off steam; turning off Avast; resetting internet...

Please advise!

@frederico-dias Yeah, as far as I know there is no fix for it at the moment, the devs have to work on this, im not paying 22 dollars for a lost connection screen.

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Hi all,

Does this error still appear for you on the new update?

Yes, for me and many others.
Match may start with full team and soon there is no one there anymore.

Someone infront of me disconnects and this happens all the time:

This is when it's happening to me:

ofc it still does the error hehe

I get dropped form almost 50% of my matches. getting a bit annoying.

build CL73478

I lied. It's not 50% its more like 75% of the time I get disconnected.

i7 4790k
16 gb ram
Titan xp

build CL73478

@iyagovos It still happens in the LAUNCH UPDATE! fix this stuff, please (build CL73853)

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