No votekick in release?

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@dark1202 You’re asking for data that obviously wouldn’t exist and then using their lack of data to prove them wrong.

^^ This 10000%.

And and why are you trying to discredit him in the first place?

Also this.

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@tooth-decay I'm defining the difference between data and anecdote. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why bother defining it if you aren't using it for your argument?

No where did I claim that my post was based on "data" by the definitive term. It's speculation. If you have a specific issue with the fact that my deductions are not based on actual data, I have no problem with that. It's perfectly acceptable argument to make.

So... why are you arguing with other people for "not using data" when you don't have any data to back your argument up, especially since you realize you don't have any data?

If the devs haven't compiled and measured actual data, then they should. I think that's a great idea. Though through very simple deduction (granted, speculation) I'm fairly confident what the results would be.

This is basically just another way of saying "I don't have proof but I know I'm correct."

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I'm defining the term data, so you know what it means, and don't use it wrong.

"I'm fairly confident of what the results would be" is another way of saying "I'm fairly confident of what the results would be". "Know" would imply I have 100% certainty on the outcome. Which I don't, and never claimed to.

There are no hidden messages in what I said. It is what it is.

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